BlueTree has made our auction so much easier. This was our first year holding an online auction, and we received many compliments on the quality of our auction site. I don’t think we would have done what we did without you!

Melissa H.
Online Auction Chair
Private Elementary School
Los Angeles, CA

Information for Partners

BlueTree Marketing’s Partner Program is for companies and individuals who provide services in support of the nonprofit and the benefit auction industry. Service providers include: auction items, auctioneers, credit card processors, donor management, event management, auction/event consultants, event planners/marketing companies, and nonprofit consultants. A partnership with BlueTree Marketing can help you leverage your marketing dollars and attract more clients.

To Qualify

A potential partner must be in good standing in the industry. A working relationship with our sales staff is recommended.

BlueTree Marketing Partner Categories

BlueTree Marketing’s partner categories are designed to meet the needs of diverse businesses with various business models. The goal of the partner categories is to provide flexibility as to the type activities organizations choose to participate in as a part of the program. There are currently two partner categories: National Account Program and Nonprofit Resource Partners.

  1. National Account Program
  2. This partnership category is designed primarily to grow the relationship between national nonprofit organizations and BlueTree Marketing. The main purpose is to leverage the power of national nonprofit organizations in assisting their affiliate offices around the country.

  3. Nonprofit Resource Partners

    This partner category is designed primarily to grow the relationship between BlueTree Marketing Regional Marketing Managers and partner organizations in their region. The main purpose of the partnership is to grow referrals and thus business respectively between BlueTree Marketing and Marketing Partners. BlueTree Marketing is partnering with the following Nonprofit Resources:

    • Auction Items
    • Auctioneers
    • Credit Card Processors
    • Donor Management
    • Event Management
    • Event Planners
    • Fundraising Consultants
    • Marketing & Promotion

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