BlueTree has made our auction so much easier. This was our first year holding an online auction, and we received many compliments on the quality of our auction site. I don’t think we would have done what we did without you!

Melissa H.
Online Auction Chair
Private Elementary School
Los Angeles, CA

eNewsletter Campaign

It's important that news about your organization be delivered on time; because information is only as good as it is timely. eNewsletters are faster to deliver and cost on average only 1/16th that of a print newsletter. Plus, frequent communication with your constituency helps you stay on their mind, which helps encourage volunteerism and financial support.

Let Us Do the Work

Our eNewsletter Campaign allows us to develop, maintain, and distribute your electronic newsletters. eNewsletters are all the rage these days, because they are friendly on your wallet as well as the environment.

This program will rely on your organization to provide the content, and our team will design and handle the programming, maintenance, and distribution. And we'll make it easier than ever to get your events, your stories, and whatever other news you have to your online community of supporters.


One of the great things about our eNewsletter Campaign is flexibility. If you need one eNewsletter one month, none the next, then two the following month, it's no problem. We'll help you determine how frequently your eNewsletters should be distributed, and we'll get the custom eNewsletter up and running quickly. The pricing structure is as follows:

eNewsletter Campaign Setup Service:

Includes one custom eNewsletter design and first month's distribution (eNewsletter requires an active Constant Contact account).

Management Service:

Up to 2 eNewsletters per month.